《Sanctuary Dining》ハレクラニ沖縄宿泊プラン

このたび、琉球神話の中でも、最も聖なる場所として評価の高い知念城跡で開催される「Sanctuary Dining」とコラボレーションした宿泊プランをご用意いたしました。



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  Partake in a collaborative dine and stay experience produced by “Sanctuary Dining” and Halekulani Okinawa located in the Chinen Castle Ruins – the most scared of places still preserved today from ancient Ryukyu mythology.

  Become familiar with Okinawa culture through an exclusive menu filled with unique local ingredients prepared by both traditional Okinawa and French methods.

  From ancient Ryukyu traditions of the past to Okinawa cultures of the present, we look forward for you to join us on this culinary experience.

▶ For more information: https://bit.ly/3ph7jV3

▶ For inquiry: https://bit.ly/3eXNUDF